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FREE review of your Business Owners Insurance Damage Claim, your policy and coverages.




When Your Insurance Company Says LESS, as New York Public Adjusters we fight to get you the maximum amount of settlement for your property insurance claim.

Public Adjusters Business Owners



Industrial Property Damage
Industrial Property Damage
Water Damage
Water Damaged property
Public Adjusters Business Owners
Public Adjusters Business Owners

Do you have a loss or claim as a business owner. We handle many types of losses for business owners.










As a business owner you need to be back in business ASAP. As a professional public adjuster, that’s what we do. We make sure you are back in business as soon as possible and that you are fully compensated for your business loss and your business interruption.

We work for you the insured. We do not work for the insurance companies. We will represent and negotiate for you, so you are not under paid for your property insurance claim.


We handle all types of losses. We have years of experience within the Insurance claims industry. Call us for your FREE consultation and let the professionals help you with your claim.

Broken Pipes

Hurricane Damage 

Wind Damage

Roof Leaks 



Sink Holes

Business Interruption

As Public Adjusters we have handled many commercial, industrial and Business Owner property insurance claims. Talk to some of the many Business Owners in New York City that we have been able to help. 

We help all types of business owners when they incur property damage. Once retained we will work with your insurance company to make sure you are up and running ASAP.


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Use us as your Trusted New York Public Adjusters for Business Owners.

Why use New York Public Adjusters?

FREE Onsite Inspection

We get paid after you are paid

We handle the whole Claim for you 

Licensed Professionals

Locally Operated

Residential Property Damage Claims

Years of Experience

New claims and claims in process

Team of Experts to help you

Locally Owned

FREE Policy Review

Years of happy Clients

Commercial Property Damage Claims

Fast Response Time

Condominium and Co-Op claims

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 FREE review of
 your property
 insurance claim.

We are Public Adjusters licensed to practice in all of New York State and New Jersey. Our mission is to prepare, present, negotiate and settle property claims solely for the PUBLIC.

We have over 40 years combined experience in the insurance industry. We will take the burden off your shoulders and will always be your “go to guys” with any and everything that needs to be done to get you and your family “made-whole” and bring you home as expeditiously as possible.

Don’t risk it by going it alone. We will provide you with all the hands on help you need to deal with complex insurance challenges. As experiences Public Adjusters Business Owners, we have handled all types of business property damage insurance claims.

Your New York
Public Adjusters, 
we work for you the policy holder.

Fire Damaged House in Queens NY
Fire Damaged House
Water Damaged house in New York City
Water Damaged House
Water Damage Claim
Damaged contents from water damage
business interruption and Water damage to a commercial building
Water damage to a Commercial Building



Retail Stores

Shopping Centers


Condo and Co-Op owners

Apartment Buildings

Strip Malls






Insurance Brokers

Managing Agents

Mortgage Companies


Real Estate Brokers



If you have a property loss or a property insurance claim, you need to call the professionals now!

Call the local New York City Public Adjusters that will fight for you. We only work for the PUBLIC.

As your New York Public Adjusters you can count on us. We are considered one of the best Public Adjusters for the New York area.

Talk to our clients or let us come in and give you a free consultation on your property damage claim and what steps you should take to get your claim settled as quickly as possible and with the maxim settlement possible.

Damage to a building
Damaged Building from Water

We have years of experience taking care of property damage insurance claims in Westchester County, Nassau County, Suffolk County and all of New York City, including Queens, 

The Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island.

If you don’t get paid for your property damage claim we don’t get paid.

There is a difference in which Public Adjuster you use. Talk to our clients, we take care of the details of your property insurance claim, so you receive the maximum settlement possible.

If you suffered any type of Property Damage, call us now for a FREE consultation. We will review your property damages and explain what your options are.

Use us now as your Trusted New York Public Adjusters Business Owners.

Flood from surface water to your business, go to for additional information.

Queens NY Fire Damaged House
Fire Damage to a house in Queens New York
Water Damage
Water Damaged property
Commercial Property Damage
Retail store damage from a car.
Frozen Pipe Damage
House Damaged by Frozen Pipes
Broken Pipe Water Damage
Broken Pipe Water Damage in New York.

Public Adjusters Business Owners

New York Public Adjusters is your local and

experienced Public Adjusters Business Owners

New York Public Adjusters

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